Liverpool’s Last-minute victory Large heart in broad chest


Jürgen Klopp has been working at Anfield Road for almost three years, but he may still be overwhelmed by the magic of the venue. After the 3-2 (2-1) victory of FC Liverpool against Thomas Tuchel’s Paris Saint-Germain at the start of the Champions League, he sat on stage in the heated press room and sounded deeply moved. „The atmosphere was fantastic. It’s something special to see such things in this stadium,“ he said, and there was little to suggest that his emotion had been played.

Last season, Anfield Road was the setting for a glittering European Cup campaign. Opponents like Manchester City or AS Rome were roared down by the crowd and Klopp’s footballers played against the wall. The game against the star selection from France’s capital was the continuation of this.

In the first half, the team around exceptional talents such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappé were washed away by the noise that descended from the stands and Liverpool’s high-speed game. After just over half an hour, Daniel Sturridge and James Milner scored 2-0.

Daniel Sturridge Honours


  • Premier League: 2009–10
  • FA Cup: 2009–10,] 2011–12
  • UEFA Champions League: 2011–12[3]


  • Football League Cup runner-up: 2015–16[154]
  • UEFA Europa League runner-up: 2015–16[155]


  • PFA Team of the Year: 2013–14 Premier League
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the Tournament: 2011
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2013, February 2014

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Klopp’s team tends to epic dramas

After equalising after Thomas Meunier and Mbappé scored, a goal from Roberto Firmino, who was only able to use a Joker in injury time because of an eye injury, had to be scored in injury time to decide the match in favour of Klopp’s side. When the ball hit the long corner, the stadium seemed to burst. On the stands the people tumbled wildly like in a hidden object. The cheering was so loud that it could have been heard all the way to the Irish Sea. The fans sang the melody that had accompanied the club through last season’s competition to the final of Kiev against Real Madrid, who were so unlucky to lose 3-1. They sang: „Allez, allez, allez!

The match against Paris showed once again that European Cup evenings on Anfield Road are among the most moving events international football has to offer, and that Klopp’s team tends to epic dramas under the floodlights of its home stadium. The game has what it takes to become a classic, especially if it turns out afterwards that it was the cornerstone of a successful season in the Champions League.

The entry into the final in the past season was a surprise. This season, however, Klopp’s team are among the closest of the favourites – and have proved against Paris that this classification is justified. Liverpool were clearly better, as evidenced by the number of shots on goal (13-7) and corners (13-1). While Paris was dependent on its individual players, Liverpool had a better collective. „We were well organised and played with a big heart. All eleven players were involved,“ said Klopp. The best man in his team was Milner, not a virtuoso, but the hard worker in the engine room. That says a lot about the team’s performance.  If you want to experience a wide selection of gaming opportunities then Jenningsbet is for you.

The self-confidence is stronger than ever

Liverpool’s victory confirmed what Klopp had already known. The day before the match, he had been asked whether the defeat in the final against Real Madrid, favoured by the mistakes of goalkeeper Loris Karius, now with Besiktas, had caused any damage to his players‘ self-confidence. „No, not at all,“ the coach had said. The match against Paris was proof that he was right. What’s more, his team may even have grown from the narrow failure in the final.

They played against Paris with an unbroken confidence in their own abilities, could not be distracted by the interim equaliser and earned the late winning goal. Liverpool have recently been able to take setbacks against top-notch opponents. „We simply have the confidence to score at any time,“ said midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum.

It was different in the final against Real Madrid. At some point during the second half, the team could see that they were beaten and had accepted that. The comedy of the goals scored after Karius’s failures had certainly contributed to that. Against Paris, Liverpool have picked themselves up again. This is a sign that the team has not only matured footballerically, but also in their minds. Klopp could still experience one or the other special evening at Anfield Road.

Bayern playmaker Thiago In his own league

This summer it was said that FC Bayern was open for a change from Thiago. Meanwhile this seems almost absurd. An exit of the Spaniard would be an immense weakening for the Munich team. Under coach Niko Kovac, he has developed into a key player.

The past match day, it runs the 35th minute in the game of Bavaria against Bayer Leverkusen. Guest coach Heiko Herrlich challenges his players to attack the Bavarians earlier. Appearance Thiago: The 27-year-old receives the ball at the middle line, turns with a body deception around Kevin Volland and lures Kai Havertz to himself. Just when Leverkusen’s Thiago wants to steal the ball, he flies it to the free-standing Thomas Müller. With only four ball contacts, he cancels out the entire Leverkusen pressing. Typical for Thiago.

According to SPIX, who evaluates footballers on the basis of match data, Thiago has been one of the strongest Bundesliga professionals for two years. He regularly performs to an SPIX value of 95 or higher. The algorithm works relatively: Using statistical parameters, the SPIX compares a player’s performance with the performance of all Bundesliga players who have played on his position in the past two seasons. An SPIX of 95 therefore means that a player has achieved a higher score than 95 percent of all Bundesliga players on his position.

Kevin VollandHonours


  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Silver Boot: 2015
  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the tournament: 2015

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What is the SPIX?

SPIEGEL ONLINE has developed a tool to evaluate the performance of football players beyond personal impressions: the SPIX. It is based solely on game data. The individual performance as well as that of his team is included in the calculation. The special thing about SPIX: The SPIX not only collects data, it also directly assesses its relevance and quality.

Almost all of the top scores in the defensive midfielder’s position come from Thiago. He set the record on the 26th matchday of the 2016/2017 season when he broke the SPIX 100. In this season’s 3-0 victory over VfB Stuttgart, he reached a score of 99.1, and in his 3-1 win over Leverkusen, his score was 98.9. Thiago is scratching his own record again and again. He plays in his own league.

His high SPIX is guaranteed by his values in the area of game construction. Hardly any other Bundesliga professional plays as many passes as Thiago. The SPIX not only evaluates the quantity, but also the quality of the passes. A pass in the opponent’s third that leads to a goal shot is weighted higher than a cross pass in one’s own half.

This is Thiago’s true strength: he has an enormously high success rate in the opponent’s half and hits many shots on goal. He also crowned his performance against Leverkusen with a goal preparation. Thiago has mastered the simple pass of a few metres as well as the deadly pass behind the opponent’s defence.

Profiteur under Niko Kovac

Surprising are his high values in the area of ball conquest (80 against Bayer Leverkusen). The defensive game is not really the strength of the rather slim Thiagos. Nevertheless, Kovac Thiago are the only six players to start in front of the defence. The two midfielders in front of him will aggressively press the ball and secure Thiago in the space behind. In view of the high pressings, he rarely has to go into duels, but defends with an eye.

The strategy works: With twelve second balls won, Thiago provided an outstanding value against Leverkusen. That’s one of the reasons why he currently has the advantage over Javi Martínez, who is stronger in two battles: in Kovac’s system, the six-man is supposed to shape the game more strongly and secure it in space; the two battles are the responsibility of the more offensive players. Thiago thanks Kovac with top performances.

Thiago’s critics, however, are unlikely to convince even the likes of Leverkusen. Their accusation is that his game works against the weaker teams in the Bundesliga. In the decisive games of the Champions League, however, he dives down. BetVision offers great visiual experience and one of the best online gaming site.