Black Rocks, Pigeon Poop: Get Your NFTs Before They Go Off the Rails!

• Pigeon Poop-Based NFT is presented in Paris Fashion Week.
• Black Rocks go live on sale inspired by BlackRock’s ETF.
• OpenSea’s monthly NFT trading volume has plunged by 23%.

Pigeon Poop-Based NFT at Paris Fashion Week

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, urban wear pioneer Jeff Staple and renowned digital art collector Gmoney presented their “pigeon crap baseball hat” which could be redeemed for a physical baseball hat via an NFT. This pigeon excrement-based baseball hat is part of the limited edition 9dcc x Stapleverse. Gmoney is currently dishing out digital autographs using the Proof of Attendance Protocol, often used in real-life events.

Black Rocks Go Live on Sale

In response to BlackRock filing for an inaugural Bitcoin ETF, fan-made black rock non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were released on OpenSea for a floor price of 0.23 Ethereum (ETH). According to OpenSea’s stats, the black rock-themed NFT collection peaked on July 22nd, 2023 with 68 sales made.

Saturated Market Inspires Digital Artists

The saturated market of non-fungible tokens can inspire some digital artists to go over the top with their creations as seen with this pigeon poop-based NFT. The principles of uniqueness and rareness are at the core of these tokens, but they can also lead to some outrageous designs and concepts being brought to life through them.

OpenSea’s Monthly Trading Volume

OpenSea’s monthly trading volume has decreased by 23% since this new wave of creative and unusual projects began appearing in the marketplace. Despite this drop in activity, there are still many investors out there that remain interested in buying up these unique pieces due to their scarcity and investment potential.


Non-fungible tokens have become increasingly popular due to their ability to create unique assets that are scarce and valuable investments for buyers looking for something different from traditional markets or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum . This trend may continue as more digital artists continue pushing boundaries with what they can create using this technology