Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base Focuses on Security for Mainnet Launch

• Coinbase is launching Base, a layer 2 network that is a fork of Optimism.
• The team behind Base have emphasized security, having performed multiple audits and working with external security researchers to find vulnerabilities.
• They are developing an open-source tool called Pessimism to get notifications about possible irregularities or disparities between the Ethereum mainnet and the Base layer 2.

Coinbase Launches Layer 2 Network: Base

Coinbase is launching its own layer 2 network for Ethereum known as Base. The network has been forked off of Optimism, which the team behind it considers an advantage for security purposes.

Base Focuses on Security Ahead of Mainnet Launch

The team at Base are taking their security efforts seriously prior to the launch of their mainnet on Ethereum. They have engaged with OP Labs for various protocol audits and over 100 protocol security researchers via Code4rena who found no security vulnerabilities or breaches in their tests. In addition, they are also developing an open-source monitoring tool called Pessimism to get notifications about any potential irregularities or discrepancies between the Ethereum mainnet and their layer 2 network.

Drawing From Coinbase’s Best Practices

Base is combining Coinbase’s best practices when it comes to security so that users can feel secure using their platform when it launches on Ethereum mainnet soon. As part of this effort, they have held simulated exercises to test out how resilient the network would be in event of a large-scale incident.

Simulated Exercises To Test Resilience

Part of drawing from Coinbase’s best practices includes running simulated exercises to test the resilience of the network in case of an attack or other large-scale incident. This way, they can better prepare themselves for any unforeseen issues when they launch on mainnet soon.

Bringing Next Billion Users Onchain

Security is one of the most important aspects when it comes to bringing new developers and users onto blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Base wants to ensure that everyone feels safe using their solution once it goes live on mainnet soon.