Floki Soars to New Heights: Fake Airdrops Sweep Crypto Twitter!

• Floki (FLOKI) is a canine-themed memecurrency that has gained 12.5% after being listed by Binance.US.
• Fake airdrops have been circulating on Twitter, prompting the official developer team to warn against phishing scams.
• On-chain signals suggest an even split between bearish and bullish signals for Floki, currently trading at $0.00003698 according to CoinGecko.

Floki Soars After Binance Listing

Floki (FLOKI), the emerging Viking dog-themed memecurrency, has seen its perpetual trading volume top $770M in one day after being listed by crypto giant Binance.US; since then it has gained 12.5%. Crypto traders on Twitter point out that the daily chart indicates an upcoming bearish crossover, although on-chain signals still appear to be evenly split between bearish and bullish signals at press time.

Fake Airdrops Sweep Twitter

The newest wave of memecoins has generated one million social mentions with Floki trending on Crypto Twitter along with Satoshi Nakamoto and other memecoins; however, this popularity appears to have also drawn some bad actors who are using the coin’s name in fake airdrop attempts, prompting the official developer team behind Floki to advise its fans to be cautious of such scams which can cause serious losses for investors if they fall victim to them.

Floki Community Growth

Currently, Floki’s community has half a million followers on Twitter—much less than rivals Baby Doge Coin, Shiba Inu or Dogecoin—and does not have an organized burn tracker meaning it is difficult to determine how much of $FLOKI has already been set ablaze.

Key Takeaways

• Floki (FLOKI) is an emerging canine-themed memecurrency that has risen significantly since being listed by Binance.US

• Fake airdrops are circulating on Twitter so Floki’s official developer team is warning investors against phishing scams

• On-chain signals suggest an equal mix of bearish and bullish signals while Floki currently trades at $0.00003698 according to CoinGecko

• The coin’s community is quickly growing but lacks an organized burn tracker


Floki is one of the most watched altcoins this year and its listing by Binance US certainly supports this trend as does its increasing popularity among Crypto Twitter users; however investors should remain vigilant of any invitation to participate in a “Floki Airdrop” as these may be malicious attempts from bad actors looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims so caution should be taken before participating in any such activities related to the coin or any other crypto asset for that matter