Brann bryter ut på grunn av en Bitcoin-gruvedrift i Russland

En gruvedrift med kryptovaluta har fått brann til å bryte ut i en leilighet i St. Petersburg i Russland, som skadet en 35 år gammel eier av riggen. Pressetjenestene til Nøddepartementet fortalte lokale medier at årsaken til brannen var fordi eieren ikke installerte et kjølesystem for kryptoutstyret.

Gruveoperatøren som drev riggen fra leiligheten med syv soverom, ble innlagt på sykehus med brannskader på hender, rygg og nakke

Ifølge rapporten slukket fire brannbiler, 16 brannmenn og 40 minutters arbeid brannen forårsaket av gruveutstyret.

Dette ville ikke være den første slike hendelsen i Russland der kryptodriftbruk har forårsaket en brann. For snart et år siden tok en gruvegård i en privat bilgarasje i Vologda fyr og brente ned alt gruveutstyret. Tidligere i 2019 eksploderte en Bitcoin gruvedrift i flammer, som satte åtte andre leiligheter i nærheten i Artem, nær Vladivostok, Russland.

På det tidspunktet mistenkte myndighetene at gruvearbeidere hadde utnyttet strømforsyninger til boligblokker for å skaffe gratis strøm, som overoppheter elektriske kretser som forårsaker store branner

En slik slags ulovlig gruvedrift i Russland går helt tilbake til 2018. På den tiden kom det rapporter om hvordan russiske sikkerhetsoffiserer arresterte flere forskere som angivelig prøvde å bruke en av Russlands mektigste superdatamaskiner til å utvinne Bitcoin, som befant seg i Federal Nuclear. Center, i Sarov, i det vestlige Russland.

BTC market cap could overtake Canadian dollar

Bitcoin market capitalization is overtaking the money bases of many countries. The Canadian dollar is arguably next.

When Bitcoin ( BTC ) broke the $ 14,000 mark, its market capitalization surged above the monetary base of the Russian ruble .

This includes both physical currency and bank reserves, which are usually held by a country’s central banks

The above chart may seem complicated at first, but it only compares gold, silver, bitcoin and the rest of the global money bases. We can see that the US is 4.9 trillion. Holding US dollars in physical notes, coins and bank deposits at the US Federal Reserve. If we divide that number by the current 18.5 million BTC, we get to the above $ 263,000.

For Bitcoin’s market capitalization to match the US monetary base, the price would have to be above $ 263,000. At first glance, that seems far-fetched. But BTC has already overshadowed several currencies, such as the Brazilian real, the Swedish krona and the South Korean won.

For a cryptocurrency that’s only 11 years old, that’s no mean feat. According to Fernando Ulrich, the economist behind Crypto Voices, the 30 largest countries cover 95 percent of GDP with their base funds. In addition to the euro being the currency of many countries, some of the 113 leading countries have pegged their currencies to the US dollar.

The researchers at Crypto Voices therefore came to the conclusion:

„So far, the money monopoly ‚works‘ for the central banks and their governments. It is practically free: Fiat has proven to be almost ‚independent‘ of the gold market value.“
The researchers explained:

„As for #Bitcoin, if it gets big enough to appear on this chart and / or be held by central banks, then and only then will we get an idea of ​​what Bitcoin ‚costs‘ central banks“.
Some people might interpret the analysis as pessimistic, but basically it’s just the opposite.

The researchers at Crypto Voices conclude that central banks and governments have previously been able to print money regardless of their gold holdings. So you don’t have to look for a new „gold standard“ or something similar anytime soon.

According to the researchers, inflation is gradually depreciating fiat currencies. This caused Bitcoin to overtake a number of currencies as they were overprinted. In fact, 2020 saw the largest global monetary expansion ever.

Mike Novograts: after PayPal, crypt currencies will be accepted by Visa and Mastercard.

After the start of support for Bitcoin and a number of other cryptographic currencies was announced by the payment company PayPal, such market giants as Visa, Mastercard and American Express will follow suit in the future. This opinion was expressed by Mike Novograz, CEO of Galaxy Investment, in an interview with Bloomberg.

He expects that Visa and Mastercard will be able to provide merchants working with them with access to cryptov currencies, including stelecoins, during the year.

„There is no longer a question of whether cryptovolves are a subject of interest, whether Bitcoin is an asset, or whether a blockchain will become part of the financial infrastructure. It is not a question of whether this will happen, it is a question of when it will happen. Every company without exception must have its own plan,“ said Novograts.

However, speaking of Bitcoin, Novograts sees it as a means of preserving value and doubts that the first cryptovite will be widely used as a means of payment.

„I don’t think this will happen in the next five years. Bitcoin is used as a means of saving. So like gold, like digital gold, it will just keep rising. More and more people will want to include it in their portfolios,“ added Novograts.

Recall that PayPal announced the launch of the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin buy, sell and store function on Wednesday 21 October. The company expects that the new function will stimulate global use of cryptov currencies and prepare the network for digital currencies of central banks.

Later it was reported that in order to expand its product line, PayPal is considering takeover options for cryptovoltaic companies. Among them is the BitGo processing and custodial service.

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Número de carteiras Bitcoin com mais de 100 BTCs atinge alta de 6 meses

De acordo com um relatório publicado ontem pela empresa de análise Glassnode, o número de carteiras Bitcoin com mais de 100 BTCs está atualmente em 16.159, superando o recorde anterior estabelecido em 8 de junho.

Assine nosso canal de telegramas para se manter atualizado sobre as últimas notícias de criptografia e de bloqueio. Além disso, o estudo também revelou que 31.913.344 endereços Bitcoin Loophole têm um saldo maior do que 0, tornando este número um novo recorde histórico após adicionar 5.000 carteiras no último dia.

Em 5 de outubro foi relatado que, segundo o analista de mercado Cole Garner, durante a primeira semana de outubro houve um aumento recorde de dois anos no número de novos endereços BTC.

O número de carteiras Bitcoin com um saldo acima de 0 ultrapassou 30 milhões pela primeira vez em maio. Se você está procurando uma plataforma de negociação criptográfica para negociar seus ativos, visite, uma troca segura e confiável.

Bitcoin Sprints oltre i 12.000 dollari per tornare ai massimi di agosto

Il 20 ottobre, Bitcoin (BTC) ha creato un candeliere rialzista e ha proceduto a muoversi sopra un’importante area di resistenza.

Una chiusura giornaliera sopra l’area di $12.050 sarebbe un segnale rialzista significativo, mentre una chiusura settimanale sopra il livello attuale sarebbe un segnale ancora più considerevole per il proseguimento verso nuovi massimi del 2020.

Bitcoin raggiunge i massimi di settembre

Il 19 ottobre, il prezzo Bitcoin ha creato una candela rialzista e si è spostato al di sopra dei precedenti massimi a 11.600 dollari. Il prezzo ha continuato ad aumentare ed è in procinto di creare un’altra candela rialzista che inghiotte ogni giorno, raggiungendo così un massimo giornaliero di $12,313.

Se il candeliere di oggi chiudesse al livello attuale, probabilmente confermerebbe un breakout al di sopra dell’area di $12.050. L’area ha agito come resistenza dall’inizio di agosto, con l’eccezione di un fakeout il 17 agosto. Un breakout al di sopra di questo livello sarebbe un importante sviluppo rialzista. Gli indicatori tecnici non mostrano ancora alcun tipo di debolezza, anche se la RSI è in eccesso di acquisti.

Nonostante l’aumento, il prezzo è scambiato con una resistenza a lungo termine cruciale a 12.250 dollari. Questa resistenza ha respinto il prezzo anche nel luglio 2019. Bitcoin Compass non ha raggiunto una chiusura al di sopra di questo livello dal gennaio 2018. Inoltre, coincide con una linea di resistenza discendente tracciata dai suddetti massimi di luglio.

Inoltre, sia l’RSI che il MACD hanno generato divergenze ribassiste non confermate. Pertanto, il fatto che il prezzo si rompa o venga respinto rispetto al livello attuale avrà importanti implicazioni per l’andamento futuro. Una chiusura settimanale superiore a 12.250 dollari sarebbe estremamente rialzista.

Nessuna debolezza presente

Il grafico a sei ore a breve termine non mostra alcuna struttura in atto. Inoltre, anche se l’RSI è ipercomprato, non ha generato alcuna divergenza ribassista. Allo stesso modo, il MACD si sta muovendo verso l’alto. L’area di supporto più vicina, tuttavia, si trova a 11.200 dollari.

Non vi è alcuna debolezza presente nemmeno nel grafico a due ore. Mentre la RSI era inizialmente in procinto di generare una divergenza ribassista, ha proceduto a spostarsi verso l’alto e ad invalidarla. Anche il MACD si sta muovendo verso l’alto.

Il più vicino flip di supporto/resistenza si è verificato a 11.700 dollari e ora ci si aspetta che agisca come supporto. Il livello coincide anche con una potenziale linea di supporto ascendente, tracciata dal fondo del 16 ottobre. Finché il prezzo è scambiato al di sopra di questo livello, la possibilità di una continuazione rimane alta.

Per concludere, mentre il rally Bitcoin è diventato troppo lungo, non c’è ancora una debolezza definita. Finché il prezzo è scambiato al di sopra del livello di $11.700 e della linea di supporto ascendente, il trend è considerato rialzista.

Fondsmanager sagt, dass Bitcoin (BTC) bis Ende 2021 $225.000 anstrebt

Fondsmanager sagt, dass Bitcoin (BTC) bis Ende 2021 $225.000 anstrebt – hier ist seine Krypto-Investitions-These

Anthony Pompliano, Mitbegründer von Bitcoin Bull und Morgan Creek Digital Assets, legt dar, warum er glaubt, dass BTC in etwas mehr als einem Jahr 225.000 $ erreichen könnte.

In seinem jüngsten Brief an Investoren enthüllt Pompliano die Makrofaktoren, die als Rückenwind für den bei Bitcoin Superstar nächsten Bitcoin-Bullmarkt dienen könnten.

„Die Federal Reserve hat die Zinssätze auf 0% gesenkt. Sie plant, uns für die absehbare Zukunft in einem Nullzinsumfeld zu halten. Mehrere Konjunkturpakete im Jahr 2020 belaufen sich jetzt auf insgesamt mehr als 3 Billionen Dollar in QE. Wir haben weitere 2 Billionen Dollar auf dem Weg…

Die Kombination aus der Vermögenspreismanipulation der Fed und Inflationsängsten hat Gold und Bitcoin dazu gebracht, Aktien und andere Rohstoffe drastisch zu übertreffen“.

Der Bitcoin-Befürworter hebt auch hervor, dass die Wall Street „für den Bitcoin-Handel aufgewacht ist“, was laut Pompliano die Nachfrage nach BTC erhöht habe.

„Wir sehen auch einen neuen Trend, bei dem Unternehmen Bitcoin als Reserve für einen Teil oder die Mehrheit ihrer Finanzmittel verwenden. Es begann mit öffentlich gehandelten Unternehmen, die sich auf digitale Vermögenswerte konzentrieren, wie Galaxy Digital und andere. Dann sahen wir, wie MicroStrategy ($1,2B+ Marktkapitalisierung an der NASDAQ) 85% ihrer Bilanz von $500 Millionen ($425 Millionen) in Bitcoin investierte. Und vor kurzem gab das Finanztechnologieunternehmen Square bekannt, dass es etwa 50 Millionen Dollar Bitcoin für seine Bilanz (etwa 1 % der Aktiva) gekauft hat.

Da die Nachfrageaussichten für BTC stark bleiben, sagt Pompliano, verlagert er seinen Schwerpunkt auf die Angebotsseite der Gleichung

Er bezieht sich auf die jüngste Halbierung von Bitcoin laut Bitcoin Superstar, die die Zahl der neu in Umlauf gebrachten BTC von 1.800 auf 900 pro Tag reduzierte.

„Historisch gesehen haben diese Angebotsschocks in den folgenden 18 Monaten nach der Halbierung zu signifikanten Preiserhöhungen um das 20-fache und mehr geführt“.

Neben der steigenden Nachfrage und dem abnehmenden BTC-Angebot hebt Pompliano einen Schlüsselfaktor hervor, der seiner Meinung nach das bullishe Argument für Bitcoin untermauert – die Tatsache, dass mehr als 60% aller abgebauten BTC seit über einem Jahr nicht mehr den Besitzer gewechselt haben. Dies zeige, so Pompliano, dass sich Investoren trotz mehrerer großer Abwärtsbewegungen im Jahr 2020 weigern zu verkaufen.

Mit seiner Investitionsthese sagt Pompliano voraus, dass Bitcoin bis Ende 2021 225.000 Dollar erreichen könnte.

„Viele Investoren werden sich den historischen Preisanstieg des digitalen Assets ansehen und glauben, dass sie ihn ‚verpasst‘ haben. Das könnte meiner Meinung nach nicht weiter von der Wahrheit entfernt sein. Ich glaube, wir stehen am Anfang eines weiteren Boomzyklus bei Bitcoin, der uns im 15-Monatsfenster wahrscheinlich 10-20fach höher treiben wird“.

France: ESGI school offers the first 100% blockchain training

ESGI Paris has joined forces with HashiCorp to offer 100% blockchain training.

It is the first school in France to offer a Master entirely dedicated to blockhain technology.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

ESGI Paris
The ESGI Paris school has approached the publisher HashiCorp to offer a 100% blockchain training.

What does ESGI offer?

ESGI is the Higher School of Computer Engineering . The establishment offers 9 courses giving access to diplomas at Bac +3 and Bac + 5 level. It is the first school in France to offer a Master entirely dedicated to blockchain .

The training entitled Blockchain Engineering takes the form of a license as well as a master’s degree in two years.

ESGI offers this training for a total of 1,500 hours. Students will be able to take Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) protocol courses as well as crypto-economics courses.

In addition to Paris, ESGI is setting up in no less than 5 new campuses as of this 2020 academic year, namely Lille, Lyon, Reims, Grenoble and Aix-en-Provence.

Agreement between HashiCorp and ESGI

HashiCorp is a San Francisco-based software company.

The establishment has formed a partnership with the publisher HashiCorp. Within the course, students will be able to acquire skills on open source cloud infrastructure automation tools such as Terraform , Vault and Consul now employed by thousands of developers.

The agreement is non-commercial and HashiCorp shares this expertise with students on a voluntary basis, in line with its commitment to open source.

Ripple está considerando trasladar la sede a una jurisdicción más amigable con las criptomonedas

El martes (6 de octubre), Chris Larsen, cofundador y presidente ejecutivo de la firma de tecnología financiera Ripple Labs, dijo que su empresa está considerando trasladar su sede de San Francisco, California a una jurisdicción más amigable con las criptomonedas en Europa o Asia.

Chris Larsen nació en San Francisco, California, y obtuvo su licenciatura (BS) en contabilidad y administración de empresas en 1984 de la Universidad Estatal de San Francisco (SFSU). En 2012, él y Jed McCaleb cofundaron la startup FinTech OpenCoin, que pasó a llamarse Ripple Labs un año después. En febrero de 2018, Forbes lo nombró „la persona más rica en criptomonedas“.

Los comentarios de Larsen se produjeron durante una entrevista con el reportero de Fortune, Jeff John Roberts, en el LA Blockchain Summit [virtual]

A continuación se muestra una transcripción parcial de los comentarios de Larsen durante esta entrevista :

“Bueno, desafortunadamente, creo que Estados Unidos está lamentablemente atrasado en una especie de paso hacia lo que será la próxima generación del sistema financiero global …

“Hemos estado en esta posición increíblemente afortunada en la que EE. UU. Ha sido el administrador del sistema global con aproximadamente el 20% por ciento del PIB mundial, pero en dólares representa como el 80% de todas las transacciones … podría ser incluso más que eso …

“Es una gran posición para estar. Es un privilegio increíble, y realmente ha beneficiado a todos los estadounidenses, pero estamos enfrentando desafíos importantes

“En primer lugar, tenemos que hablar de China. Quiero decir, estamos en una guerra fría tecnológica con China, y eso abarca todo el espectro, ya sea en comunicación, vigilancia, big data, inteligencia artificial, pero también blockchain y activos digitales, y la razón es porque China ha reconocido que esas tecnologías son las claves para saber quién controlará el sistema financiero de próxima generación.

“Y todos sabemos que el sistema financiero que tenemos hoy es chirriante, todo es de los años 70 … SWIFT y la banca corresponsal no serán el sistema con el que viviremos durante las próximas dos décadas, ya sabes, Demasiado lento, propenso a errores, está demasiado cerrado, es demasiado caro y China está ansiosa por ser la que diseñe este próximo sistema.

“Han comprometido $ 1.4 billones en una variedad de tecnologías y blockchain está en la parte superior de la lista. Y recorre el inventario de dónde está China hoy, es impresionante. Ellos están haciendo un gran trabajo. Nada en contra de China, tenemos que señalar lo que han hecho.

“Me refiero a pagos digitales casi ubicuos a nivel nacional … números increíbles, ¿verdad? Eso los diferencia de donde estamos. Ahora están muy por delante en una moneda digital del banco central: el yuan digital. Eso los está preparando ahora para ayudar a difundir el yuan a nivel mundial. Gran ventaja ahí.

“Controlan la minería. Ya sabes, toda la minería de prueba de trabajo está controlada por China. Mire la minería de Bitcoin: está controlada en un 65% por mineros chinos … ¿Alguien tiene alguna pregunta de que un minero chino está bajo el control del Partido Comunista Chino? De ninguna manera, absolutamente no.

Bitcoin-prijsvoorspelling: BTC/USD verhandelt boven de $11.000; een betrouwbare bullish trend?

Bitcoin (BTC) Prijsvoorspelling – 19 september

De Bitcoin-prijs bereikt het grote weerstandsniveau met $11.172 in plaats van alleen maar te strijden met steunen.

BTC/USD Lange termijn trend: Bullish (Daily Chart)

Belangrijke niveaus:

Weerstandsniveaus: $11.700, $11.900, $12.100

Steunniveaus: $10.400, $10.200, $10.000

BTC/USD raakt het prijsgebied rond de $11.172 na bijna een week lang onder de $11.000 te hebben gehandeld. Aangezien de munt momenteel opwaarts aan het corrigeren is, geloven traders dat BTC/USD waarschijnlijk vele weerstanden zal doorkruisen in plaats van alleen maar te strijden tegen inactieve steunpunten. Op dit moment wordt de Bitcoin-prijs verhandeld op $11.058 na het sluiten op $10.945 gisteren.

Wat is de volgende richting voor Bitcoin?

De dagelijkse onthulling laat zien dat de munt zich terugtrekt van het dagelijkse hoogtepunt van 11, 172 naar de plaats waar hij momenteel wordt verhandeld, maar dat hij nog steeds naar boven kan gaan als de stieren alle druk op de markt zetten. Kijkend naar de daggrafiek, handelt BTC/USD nu boven de 9- en 21-daagse voortschrijdende gemiddelden, waarbij het doorbreken van deze barrière kan fungeren als de steunzones in de dichtstbijzijnde termijn.

Ondertussen, op de kop, is er, nu de munt naar de 9-daagse en 21-daagse voortschrijdende gemiddelden toe beweegt, weinig om te voorkomen dat de correctie gericht is op de belangrijkste weerstand van $9.000, aangezien de technische indicator RSI (14) zich boven het 42-niveau beweegt.

De stieren hebben ondertussen de steunniveaus van $10.400, $10.200 en $9.800 om ervoor te zorgen dat de Bitcoin-prijs, ondanks een ommekeer, boven het $10.800-niveau blijft. Op dezelfde manier zijn de dichtstbijzijnde weerstandsniveaus om voor te kijken $11.700, $11.900 en $12.100 als de technische indicator RSI (14) boven het 50-niveau beweegt, wat de stierachtige beweging helpt.

BTC/USD Medium – Termijn trend: Bullish (4H Chart)

De 4-uursgrafiek voor BTC ziet er nog steeds bullish uit, aangezien de markt sinds de dagelijkse opening nog steeds een bullish trend vertoont. De Bitcoin-prijs handelt echter nog steeds boven de 9-daagse en 21-daagse voortschrijdende gemiddelden; na de recente rebound op $10.899, wat nu een belangrijk ondersteuningsniveau is. De volgende belangrijke ondersteuningsniveaus zijn $10.800, $10.600 en $10.400.

Echter, gezien de recente scherpe rebound, kan de Bitcoin-prijs de bullish rally voortzetten tot $11.200 weerstand. Een stijging boven de genoemde weerstand kan de BTC-prijs verder opdrijven tot $11.300, $11.500 en $11.700 aan weerstandsniveaus. Zoals het er nu uitziet, lijkt het erop dat de beren waarschijnlijk terug zullen keren op de markt, aangezien de RSI (14) nu geopenbaard is om onder het 60-niveau over te steken.

LedgerX releases physically liquidated Bitcoin mini futures

LedgerX, a regulated futures exchange based in the United States, has introduced physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts (BTC). This allows investors to receive physical delivery from BTC and some analysts believe that this will amplify their impact on the BTC price.

CoinDance charts show the growing interest of Chileans to exchange their local currency for Bitcoin
Daily chart for XBT/USD pair

How can physical delivery affect the price of Bitcoin?

When Bakkt was first launched with the support of its NYSE parent company, ICE, it received a lot of attention. Most of the interest around the platform surrounded its physical BTC delivery, which means, if institutions want to, they can actually maintain BTC through Bakkt’s secure custody service.

It’s about to get very interesting,‘ says the creator of Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model
At the time, Compound’s general counsel, Jake Chervinsky, emphasized that this could potentially affect the price of Bitcoin. He said:

„Also worth noting is the fact that Bakkt will guard and deliver real bitcoins. That means that institutional entries would reduce supply and therefore (perhaps) also increase the price. This is different from other regulated futures markets such as CME and CBOE, which only trade in cash-settled futures.

Physically settled Bitcoin contracts could affect the price of the BTC because it has a real impact on their supply. When investors trade cash-settled futures contracts, they are not buying real BTC to take long-term positions in the asset. This reduces the potential effect on the supply of cryptomoney.

These 3 key indicators indicated that the price of Bitcoin reached a ceiling of $12,000

At the LedgerX futures exchange, investors who open long positions at Bitcoin Circuit can receive physical delivery of the digital asset. The exchange’s order book has full transparency about the depth of the market, allowing institutions to study the market. LedgerX explained:

„Investors can trade out of their position or hold to maturity and, if long, receive delivery from BTC. All orders are executed in our central limit order book, with full price transparency in the depth of the market. Block trades are also printed in the central limit order book.

Increasing the number of futures exchanges that offer physically settled Bitcoin contracts could benefit overall market liquidity. Zach Dexter, the CEO of LedgerX, said:

„Futures have always been part of the company’s roadmap, and we are excited about today’s launch. Futures and options are a large part of the trading landscape and we believe it is important to have a complete set of products listed to enhance the liquidity of the platform and the ability to effectively hedge risk.