Surprising 8% Spike: Battle-Scarred LUNC Unexpectedly Rises in Market Downtrend

• Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is experiencing an unexpected 8% rise in the market downtrend.
• The LUNC community is voting on proposal #11511, which could restore parity between LUNC and LUNA 2.0.
• All three tokens of the Terra Luna ecosystem have spiked in double digits following the news of proposal #11511.

Terra Luna Classic Unexpectedly Rises 8%

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is among the day’s top gainers despite a downtrend in the market. The embattled community behind once-thriving Terra system is attempting to revive its blockchain a year after one of its largest financial disasters in modern history.

Proposal #11511 Could Restore Parity between LUNC and LUNA 2.0

The forked version, LUNA 2.0, bounced back from an all-time low with the passage of Proposal 11511 which aims to restore parity between LUNC and LUNA 2.0, opening up a new scenario for Dapps currently on the relaunched version of Terra to also work on Terra Classic.

All Three Tokens Spiked in Double Digits Following Proposal #11511

Following news of proposal #11511, all three tokens associated with Terra Luna spiked in double digits – Terra Luna Classic gained 8%, while both relaunched version Terra (LUNA) and algorithmic stablecoin Terra Classic USD experienced 3% and 11% respectively.

Community Attempts to Revive Stablecoin USTC

In addition, there was another attempt made by members of the LUNC community through proposal #11487 to revive fallen stablecoin USTC via enacting a divergence fee on transactions that would fill up staking vault to restore peg price of USTC token at $1 again.


Though still trading at just $0.016, it appears that investors are showing confidence in this project as they place their trust into this long-term investment opportunity – potentially leading us towards seeing greater gains with time!