TUSD Refutes Justin Sun Ownership, Threatens Defamation Suit


• TUSD’s fast rise has sparked scrutiny and been linked to Justin Sun’s purported ownership.
• TUSD has refuted the claims and threatened a defamation lawsuit.
• This article examines the situation regarding the controversy surrounding TUSD’s ownership.

TUSD’s Fast Rise

TUSD’s fast rise has attracted scrutiny as it was continuously linked to Justin Sun’s purported ownership. The stablecoin, which is pegged to the US dollar, has seen an increased demand since its launch in 2018, leading to speculation of insider information or manipulation.

Justin Sun Ownership Claims

The rumors started with a series of tweets from well-known crypto analysts claiming that Sun had a significant stake in the company behind TUSD. These claims were quickly refuted by both TUSD and Sun himself, who stated that he does not have any financial interest in the company or its products. However, some industry experts questioned whether there was any truth to these allegations due to Sun’s close ties with other projects within the space such as Ripple and Tron.

TUSD Refutes Claims & Threatens Lawsuit

In response to these claims, TUSD released a statement refuting them and threatening legal action if they continue to be circulated without evidence. The statement reads: “We are aware of recent allegations made against our company concerning purported ownership by Justin Sun…these allegations are false and we will take any necessary action against those making defamatory statements about us or our products.“


It remains unclear what exactly is going on behind closed doors at TUSD but one thing is certain; they are taking legal action seriously if any further false statements come out regarding their ownership structure or operations. As more information is revealed, we may get some insight into how this controversy unfolded and why it happened in the first place. For now though, all anyone can do is wait for further developments in this case before passing judgement on either party involved.